5. Transnational meeting in Bologna

Bologna | October 2018

The pilot testing has its first results, so far positive

In October partners set off to Bologna, Italy, for the 5th transnational project meeting. After a half-year partners informed each other about the progress in project work. Spanish and German participants could already present the results of the modules‘ pilot tests. And the feedback has so far been positive.

The 5th transnational project meeting brought partners to Italian Bologna on the 11th and 12th October. Agents of all partners met in the metropolis of the Emilia-Romagna region to present the progress in the pilot testing preparations in their home organizations. Partners from Spanish Incoma and German Tibor could already present the results of their pilot testing, they had carried out before the end of the past school year. Both partners emphasized the necessity and usefulness of study materials for electric mobility. They also positively evaluated students‘ interest in educational modules, while at the same time presented challenges and certain comments, which had arisen during the pilot testing.

The second day, YouNet – the Italian hosting organization – provided an excursion to Istituto di istruzione superiore Aldini Valeriani Sirani (Higher Technical Institute Aldini Valeriani Sirani), the technical institute, where the pilot test of 2 of the modules would be carried out. Large school with many students and fields of study revealed its labs, which showed for example advanced work with 3D print and robotics, simulation of earthquake’s consequences or creative workrooms for teaching advertising graphics.

Historical center of a significant Italian university city with its red bricks and endless arcades induced us to explore it.

The last remaining transnational project meeting is to take place in May 2019 in Prague.