4. transnational meeting in Weimar

Weimar | April 2018

Preparations of the pilot testing are in full swing

Early April all project partners met in Weimar, Germany, for the 4th transnational project meeting. The leading topic of the meeting agenda was the preparation of the pilot testing of the 5 educational modules for electric mobility and smart grids, which is about to begin very soon at some partner organizations.

For another of the series of project meetings partners headed for the Thuringian town of Weimar. The 4th project meeting took place on the 4th and 5th April. Representatives of all partners presented the work they had done so far, informed about discussions and initiated collaborations with companies as well as the preparations of the pilot testing of their modules. The most in-detail conception was presented by the hosting partner from the German organization Tibor, who will have the final results of the pilot test – that will be carried out at a collaborating Andreas-Gordon-School – till the end of summer vacation.

Participants of the meeting also visited the Thuringian metropolis Erfurt as part of the agenda. Representatives of TEAG Thüringer Energie – the main electricity provider in Thuringia – showed the guests around their training center, presented both their electric-car fleet and a set of charging stations and informed about the state of electric mobility in the region.

The hosting Weimar – cultural and intellectual center of the turn of 18th and 19th centuries, which also played a significant role in the origins of the 1st German republic – could not be left without a sight-seeing tour. Everyone could marvel at the beauties and treasures of this town with an unfading trace of ingenious Goethe, who found a shelter in Weimar for an important period of his life.

DEUTSCHES NATIONALTHEATER WEIMAR (German national theater Weimar) – group picture in front of a memorable place of signing of the Constitution of Weimar republic 1919. 

For the 5th transnational project meeting the partners will set off in October 2018 to Bologna.