2. Transnational meeting in Veľké Kapušany

Veľké Kapušany | May 2017

Partners don’t idle and the project is proceeding successfully

Agents of 7 partners’ teams met in Eastern Slovakia to check the smooth progress of the Q3MEE project. The second transnational project meeting took place in friendly atmosphere from 2nd to 5th May at the partner from Veľké Kapušany.

The three-year project, focused on education in the field of electric mobility and smart grids, could present its first outputs. Work teams of 4 Czech schools framed curricula and educational units for 5 educational modules, which are to be developed in the project. At the meeting in Slovakia partners presented the outputs with the comments of foreign partners included. All partners approved of the final form of the units and agreed upon further proceeding. The next step in the project is to create educational materials and e-learning, the completion of which is planned for the end of September.

Participants also visited the East-Slovakian Power-industry Company and the Technical University in Košice as part of the meeting agenda. Both institutions collaborate in the development of electric mobility and smart grids in Slovakia.